Mayple vs Marketerhire – Which is The Best Marketer Freelancer Platform

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In this post, we’ll review two freelance marketer platforms-Marketerhire and Mayple.

Marketerhire was created with one goal in mind. To connect businesses with the top 5% of available online talent. Mayple was created with the goal of connecting rapidly growing businesses with a pool of talented freelance marketers.

We will go into an in-depth look covering both Marketerhire and Mayple and see how they compare. Based on our reviews, you can decide which one is better for you.

Marketerhire Review

marketerhire review

Marketerhire was launched by two marketers-Chris Toy and Raaja Nemani. The platform vets top freelancers in their area of expertise before they’re made part of the platform. Since the platform connects you with the top 5% of the talent online it’s more suited for large companies that don’t mind paying top dollar to attract the right talent.

On Marketerhire you can hire: 

Connecting with the right talent by itself may not be enough if you don’t have a way to find them soon enough. Thankfully, Marketerhire excels at both.

This way you can quickly fill positions at your company and kick off your project within 2 to 3 days of posting your request. Upwork, Fiverr, and other platforms can send you an endless number of freelancers but most of them aren’t qualified to do the work they profess to do.

What Are the Benefits of Using Marketerhire?

Marketerhire is different. Marketerhire till date has connected 7500 businesses with real talents and continues to do so.

Hiring Talent from Marketerhire

Here’s how to hire someone from the Marketerhire marketplace.

  • As a client, Marketerhire lets you share project details using a form. Using the form you can describe your end goal. Next, Marketerhire schedules a call with you to learn about the project from you.
  • The next step has the site connect you with a marketer by arranging a match within merely 48 hours after posting your request. You get a free onboarding call so that you meet your marketer and discuss project details and expected outcomes. If you decide that the match isn’t a fit, you get into more calls with alternative options.
  • If satisfied with the match, you can flag off the project by adding the freelancer to your team. Marketerhire checks every two weeks if everything on the project is going well. If not, they will match you with another freelancer for free.
  • The system of checks and cross-checks ensures that Marketerhire is one the best platforms to consistently find the best talent to accomplish what you want.

What’s the Vetting Process of MarketerHire like?

Before you start thinking of Marketerhire as the only option you need to hire great marketers, you may want to know the details regarding the vetting process at MarketerHire.

How do they recruit new marketers?

Marketerhire keeps an eye out on LinkedIn, niche forums, and Facebook groups. They post job descriptions to hunt for the best marketers. Independent marketers can also apply directly to the platform.

Now that they have applicants, Marketerhire starts reviewing the professional’s experience, looks at client feedback as well as samples. They want to understand if they’re the experts they say they are and if they follow industry best practices. This assessment usually takes a few hours to complete.

Expert marketers run the final interview: It’s challenging to find a great marketer without being one yourself. Marketerhire understands this well. So to separate marketers who have real experience from people faking it experts interview the new recruits.

  1. Video interview: The video interview assess candidates on communication skills, critical thinking, and their level of professionalism.
  1. Marketerhire monitors its hires and demands a strong track record of consistent performance. They should also communicate well with clients.

It’s difficult for anyone to fake it through the vetting process. But, if you make it through and prove to be a great marketer with good skills, you will get regular work, enjoy better job security and keep securing new opportunities. Marketerhire takes out the hard work of find new clients.

The average freelancer on the platform makes $5000 or more per month with the top earners pulling in $25000 or more a month.

Marketerhire Pricing

Marketers on the platform typically charge higher than elsewhere. It can go anywhere from $80 to $160/hour.

You get a 20% discount if you hire for part-time roles or full-time roles. These are 20 to 40 hours weekly.

Marketerhire requires you to commit $1500 a month as a client. This makes sure that the freelancers part of the platform gets access to quality projects.

There’s no placement fee, a termination fee, or an attempt to pigeonhole you to long-term contracts.

We don’t yet what percentage of earnings Marketerhire keeps for itself.

MarketerHire: Customer Support

As a client, you’ve full access to contacting MarketerHire anytime via email. Customer support is regular and always available. You can also chat with the customer support team to ensure everything is going well.

Next, let’s look into Mayple.

Mayple Review

Mayple is a trusted digital marketing platform primarily geared toward eCommerce businesses.

Mayple has a roster of top eCommerce marketers. Mayple intakes new hires only after vetting their past performance as marketers.

Customers can also get additional recommendations after tracking their results.

This approach was developed out of studying customer pain points and several years of experience working as an agency. These are some of the languages that Mayple supports: English, French, Hebrew, Spanish

Mayple is suitable for larger businesses. At the heart of the platform is an AI recommendation engine that helps you find a freelancer match within 4 short days of posting your request.

Once you have a match you will still continue getting growth recommendations from the team.

The vetting process ensures that only top marketers are inducted into the platform.

How Does Mayple Work?

Maple connects businesses with marketers. The platform streamlines its hiring process by making use of multiple data points to find experts for your marketing campaigns.

Mayple gives you access to 600+ marketers who were vetted by the system. It uses 25 factors to vet top talent.

Mayple then monitors the marketer’s performance every step of the way. You also get a growth strategist to guide you further.

Mayple gives you the flexibility to access talent you want either for a short-term or long-term basis.

How Mayple Uses Data to Vet Marketers

mayple data

The vetting process ensures you only work with people who are true experts. Mayple tests marketers on 141 different data points. Only 12% of marketers qualify after the testing is over.

Some criteria include:

  • A proven track record of results. Mayple has view-only access on marketer’s accounts. This gives them open access to view results these marketers are getting for their clients in different niches. So when you’re matched with someone it’s likely that he has got results in the past.
  • Mayple then checks if the candidates meet a list of best practices for their skills. They have 100+ methodologies to check the work against.
  • Every expert goes through a face-to-face interview with the expert before they are hired.

AI-Powered Matching


Mayple’s vetting process and its matching process is completely data-driven. They match brands and marketers by looking at 25+ factors like:

  • Niche
  • Strategy
  • Personality
  • Their target audience
  • Business strategy
  • Their budget
  • Channels

The matching time takes three days with a success rate of matching at 92%,

The checks don’t stop running once the match is confirmed. If your goals change, you can always ask for a new expert to take over.

Here’s how the matching takes place

  1. Mayple initially analyzes your brief to look for experts with matching factors.
  1. There will be a growth strategy meeting where you can further fill the strategist on what you’re looking for. It’s here where you fill in gaps and talk about things you may not have included in the form.
  1. The AI algorithm starts comparing your needs against their database of marketers.
  1. The top three or four marketers are identified and matched. The team asks them if they are willing to take on the project.
  1. The team at Mayple and you zero down on the best match and they create a marketing plan for the brief you sent.

Growth Strategists at Mayple

If you are working with Mayple you get a growth strategist in your team. This strategist identifies growth opportunities and KPIs for you. They recommended growth opportunities and objectives by looking at business metrics and marketing activities to improve your campaigns.

Meetings with the strategies are a monthly recurrence. So this helps you align your strategy as the year comes to a close.

The specialist identifies

  • Gaps in your funnel
  • Look for Opportunites
  • Prepare action list
  • Provide recommendations

Mayple’s Pricing

mayple pricing

Mayple’s pricing isn’t straightforward and depending on the channels you want to grow on it changes.

Mayple Pricing

Marketing with Mayple is a bold investment. Visit Mayple’s pricing page and get in touch with the team to get a quote based on your unique needs.

Every package has its list of services and a list of things it can’t do. Here’s a detailed review:

  • SEO – Take care of on-page SEO for your site- $2,200 – $4,200 /mo
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): Optimize your site and landing pages to drive conversions at $2,500 per month
  • Marketing strategy – $2,500
  • Content / article writing – $300 /mo
  • Landing page design – $1,200
  • Paid Media: Drive traffic to your business with paid ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram or other channels. The basic package is at $2000/month and is great for those who are ok with budgets of $5000 or more
  • Email Marketing: This helps you find an expert to create your email content, design new emails and create lead capture forms for you. The pricing starts at $463 per email
  • Social Media: Choose from different social media plans depending on channels and pages that an expert must manage or stories or reels you want posted every week. Pricing is $2,313- $4,938 per month.
  • Influencer Marketing: An expert identifies and contacts influencers for your campaigns. The pricing plan starts at $2781 per month for 10 to 20 influencers and goes up for five agreements
  • Amazon: An expert optimizes your Amazon listings, audits reviews, sets up ads, and more. The pricing beings at $36987 for 1 to 10 ASINs

Other services Mayple offers:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO Management
  • Spend Management
  • Keyword Research
  • Conversion Tracking

If you’re hiring someone the exhaustive list of different freelancers can easily confuse you. Mayple doesn’t offer that. They are focused on connecting businesses with great freelancer marketers.

Mayple is unlike any traditional marketplace. You don’t get quick and easy hiring.

You don’t have access to the talent base on the site. The guys running the site pick your marketers for you. You can’t browse, choose, or pay.

For people who value quality, this is a big trump card.

Mayple Vs Marketerhire Pros and Cons

  • Mayple’s pricing isn’t straightforward but Marketerhire has a more straightforward approach to pricing
  • Mayple is geared toward eCommerce brands but Marketerhire works with everyone
  • Both Mayple and Marketerhire use a unique algorithm to match you with experts
  • Both sites provide unbiased account managers to monitor freelancers
  • Both provide bi-weekly reviews, audits, and professional guidance.


What do you think of our comparison post between Mayple and Marketerhire? Both are great platforms. Mayple has more experience working with eCommerce brands while Marketerhire can help digital businesses of all kinds.

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