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We are very proud of the Growth we helped achieve for our SaaS clients.


PieSync is a contact data syncing solution which allows you to integrate hundreds of different apps. They got acquired by HubSpot in 2019 and became the driving tech behind Ops Hub.

We helped them with their Growth Marketing strategy over a 2.5-year period, achieving:

5x increase in ARR

Increased lead-to-customer conversion by 34%

Improved product adoption by 35%

4x increase in organic traffic within an 8-month period

Increased ARPA by 80%

Decreased CAC by 28%

“Ruben helped shape and execute our GTM strategy and built out an incredibly detailed data analytics framework which allowed us to scale very rapidly.”

Ewout Meyns
CEO at PieSync

“Ruben advised on SeekWell’s GTM strategy and focused on building out our PPC strategy, generating a consistent pipeline of new signups, and lowering CAC by 30%. “

Michael Ritchie
CEO at SeekWell


SeekWell is a data analytics platform connecting SQL databases to Google Sheets and Slack that automatically updates reports and surfaces relevant past queries. They got acquired by ThoughtSpot in 2021.

We helped them with their Growth Marketing strategy over a 5-month period, achieving:

2.5x increase in ARR and Acquisition by ThoughtSpot

Increased conversion to customer by 25%

30% increase in new business mrr coming in through paid ads at a 20% lower CAC

Increased organic traffic by 120%


HubSpot offers a full platform of Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and CRM software, allowing companies to run and scale their whole businesses in 1 place.

We helped them to launch a new part of their software called Operations Hub over a 6-month period, achieving:

10k+ signups within 2 weeks after launch

A 70% activation rate on the Data Sync feature

50k+ signups after 3 months

15% Increased in ARPA

“Ruben greatly increased our product adoption and conversion to customer by redesigning our customer journey and lifecycle marketing.”

Asad Zulfahri
Principle Marketing Manager at Hubspot

“Content marketing can feel impossible to get right but Ruben made it very simple and straightforward for us by breaking it down in very easy to manage parts.”

Katheriin Liibert
Head of Marketing at Outfunnel


Outfunnel is a data integration tool that allows you to sync your CRM with your marketing automation tools.

We helped them with their SEO & Outbound email strategy, achieving:

50% increase in top 3 Organic keywords in 3 months

90% increase in Organic traffic in 5 months

Dozens of signups on a weekly basis through Outbound Email

35% increased visit-to-lead conversion


TrekkSoft is an online booking tool for tour & activity providers, allowing them to use a centralized booking system that connects their online and offline sales channels.

We helped them with their Growth Marketing strategy over a 2-year period, achieving:

7x increase in ARR

Decreased CAC by 30%

Improved product adoption by 35%

60% of new business mrr through outbound email

Improved conversion to customer by 25%

Improved conversion from visit to lead by 35%

“Ruben built an outbound email marketing machine that, within 2 months, became the number one channel to deliver new leads to our sales reps.”

Olan O’Sullivan
CEO at TrekkSoft

“Ruben built out an outbound email machine to help push leads to our SDR and Sales team. It was a pleasure working with him and seeing him launch a completely new sales channel from scratch.”

Alex Mann
Head of Growth at Capchase


Capchase helps creators achieve success by providing non-dilutive revenue-based financing to early-stage, high-growth SaaS startups.

We helped them with their Outbound email strategy, and Customer Lifecycle Marketing, achieving:

25% increase from signup to SQL

25% increase in new signups

18% increase from signup to closed deal

15 new SQLs/ week coming in through outbound email


Punchlist is a tool enabling teams to collaborate more closely by allowing you to leave feedback on live websites without the need for any plugins.

We helped them with their Growth Marketing strategy over a 5-month period, achieving:

30% increase from visit-to-signup

60% increase in new signups

15% increased retention

25% increase from signup to activated signup

Decreased CAC by 20%

“Ruben was a great source of support and guidance for our GTM efforts. He helped us focus our messaging, target the right decision-makers, and start important & exciting conversations.”

Pete Bernardo
CEO at Punchlist