Perform a Growth Audit and find instant new Growth potential.

Get clarity on your growth goals and move on with confidence. We’ll help you define a strategy that will instantly start adding revenue to your bottom line and scale your business.

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What does a Growth
Audit Entail?

With our Growth Audit, we’ll take a deep dive in your performance and come back with a catch-all assessment of your current growth marketing efforts. You’ll end up with a list of clear actions, recommendations, and experiments to skyrocket your Growth.

Some of the areas we'll cover

SEO & Content

Reveal opportunities by analyzing your content strategy, keyword plan, and backlink building.

Paid Ads

Evaluate your paid performance, spot issues to fix, and identify areas for improvement.

Conversion Rates

Improve conversions all across the funnel by analyzing CTAs, copy, and website flow.

Email Marketing

Analyze the weaknesses of your current email efforts and improve the performance of your sequences.


Review your CRM & tech stack and implement immediate gains through automation & tight integrations.

Analytics & Reporting

Give you a clear understanding of what exactly you’ll need to track and focus on to allow for prime growth.

Lifecycle Marketing

Identify gaps within your current Customer Lifecycle Marketing and prioritize next steps.

Branding & Messaging

Understand which Unique Selling Points to highlight to which ICP and at which point.

“Ruben helped shape and execute our GTM strategy
and built out an incredibly detailed
data analytics framework which allowed us to scale very rapidly.”

Ewout Meyns
CEO at PieSync

Who should consider a
Growth Audit?

Anyone who achieved product/market fit should consider a Growth Audit. Whether you’re a start-up or a scale-up and whether you have a consistent pipeline already or still need to start from scratch, a Growth Audit will allow you to build a winning strategy to scale.

We’ll give you the answers and insights you need to make sure you don’t lose time developing a great base to achieve growth.

At the end of the audit you will be able to understand:

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