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We’ll build highly targeted outbound email campaigns that will deliver qualified sales opportunities straight to your business so you can focus on closing the deals. Find the right prospects, accelerate your pipeline and close your dream customers even faster.

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What does our Outbound Service entail?

We’ll help you design & run orchestrated cold email & LinkedIn campaigns that will generate qualified leads for your reps or direct signups for your product. Our thorough data mining and deeply researched messaging will uncover your best sales opportunities so you don’t have to.

Some of the areas we'll cover


We’ll help create comprehensive ICPs of your target audience with a strong focus on understanding your USPs.

Data Mining

We don’t work with ready-made lists. We’ll do our own tech enabled data mining, ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date database.


We’ll craft copy and messaging based on your USPs. We tend to get 80% + open rates and 20%+ reply/click rates.

Technical Set-up

We’ll create a look-alike domain to protect your actual domain’s reputation and warm up your new inboxes.


We’ll set up an outbound tool so the campaigns are fully automated and only need input when a prospect engages.

Multi-channel Strategy

We advise on how to reach your prospects through other channels like automated LinkedIn messages and Paid Ads.

Analytics & Reporting

Get direct access to all campaigns stats in detailed but easy to understand reports.


We’ll do a comprehensive handover to your team so they can run everything with minimal effort and keep the prospects coming in on autopilot.

“Ruben built an outbound email marketing machine
that, within 2 months, became the number one channel
to deliver new leads to our sales reps.”
Olan O’Sullivan
CEO at TrekkSoft

Who should consider
our Outbound service?

It’s never too early or too late to take advantage of outbound. Whether you have a consistent pipeline already (and even tried outbound before) or whether you want to experiment with outbound as your first channel, our service is certain to accelerate your growth.

If you’ve achieved product/market fit you can expect great leads with a good amount of certainty. If you haven’t achieved product/market fit yet, outbound is a great tool to verify your product and get a good understanding of your ICP and your corresponding USPs.

At the end of our outbound service you’ll:

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