Drive bottom line revenue from search.

We’ll help you develop a winning SEO and Content Strategy focused on bringing in Product Qualified Leads that will generate real business and directly add to your bottom line ARR.

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What does our SEO and
Content Strategy service entail?

We’ll analyze your current performance or research and design your content & SEO strategy from scratch. We focus on pain point SEO and let ourselves be guided by bottom-line KPIs like signups and SQLs, not by top of funnel vanity metrics like traffic and  #ranked keywords. We’ve driven hundreds of thousands USDs in MRR and we can do the same for you.

Some of the areas we'll cover

Customer Research

We’ll create comprehensive ICPs of your target audience so we understand what they search and how your USPs apply to them.


Expect extremely thorough keyword research and a clear overview of primary, secondary & tertiary keywords.


We’ll run you through an extensive technical SEO audit and pass over a list of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO optimizations.


Based on our keyword research and focusing on Pain Point SEO we’ll propose a concrete content calendar.


We generally don’t write content ourselves but we can help you find the perfect technical writer if needed.

Content distribution

We’ll come up with a clearly defined strategy to promote your content through paid ads to give it an initial boost.


We believe link building is the key to winning SEO. We’ll create a strategy and help you get targeted backlinks.

Analytics & Reporting

We’ll help you track and report on the content & SEO metrics that matter. No more looking at vanity metrics.

“Content marketing can feel impossible to get right but Ruben made it very simple and straightforward for us by breaking it down into very easy to manage parts.”

Katheriin Liibert
Head of Marketing at Outfunnel

Who should consider our SEO
and Content Strategy service?

Anyone who achieved product/market fit should consider our service. We’ll get your content to rank for the right keywords and drive bottom-of-funnel leads and signups to your product. You’ll judge us on your bottom line KPIs, not on fluffy top of funnel metrics.

We’ll create a winning SEO strategy and either teach you exactly how to implement it or implement it for you.

At the end of our SEO & Content service you’ll:

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